Frequently Asked Questions about Drake Training Academy 

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No worries!  Just call us at 877.577.3976, or send us an email


Why should you choose Drake’s courses?

We offer you a unique service, by delivering targeted courses for health and safety, workplace compliance, business skills, and soft skills, without subscriptions or needing to buy or set up your own LMS. We simplify compliance and the training process for our clients.   


How much will training cost me?

We have a simple model - just $30 annually per employee for our basic health and safety library. Other libraries include Microsoft Office ($45), Workplace Compliance ($65), Financial Basics and Compliance ($65), and Business Skills ($75). There are also individual courses available for just $10 a piece.


What about mitigating liability risks?

Can Drake’s Health and Safety Academy training eliminate or minimize my liability in the event of a lawsuit for non-performance or a safety related incident? Yes, absolutely. Our online system tracks and delivers all content with reports on completed training with date, time, version.


Is your content OSHA/ISO certified?

OSHA and ISO do not “certify” training content or programs. The Drake Health and Safety Academy is comprised of training courses based on, and compliant with, OSHA and ISO standards. However, we continuously review the standards and offer new and updated training courses accordingly.


How do clients use Drake’s training?

Primarily, clients use our training for new employee orientation and annual refresher training. In addition, many use our training as a prerequisite to their own hands-on or site-specific training. For example, all employees who operate a forklift are required to view an online forklift safety course before they get live instruction on operating forklifts at the facility.

A large percentage of our clients assign the lessons that ISO recommends to all employees, complemented with site-specific or job-specific training.


How long does it take to complete a course?

It typically takes 15 to 30 minutes to complete a course.


How will I know the status of my employees’ training?

Our LMS offers reports that are auto-generated and emailed to your training administrator in spreadsheet format.


Can data be merged with other tracking systems?

Yes, reporting is available in CSV format and easily uploaded to your tracking system.


What technical requirements are needed to take online courses?

Courses will launch on any PC in most browsers using an Internet connection. 


Does Drake’s Health and Safety Academy provide a Help Desk?

Yes. Our Help Desk is available to your training adminstrator by phone or email Monday through Friday 8:30 A.M to 5:30 P.M. (ET) with the exception of national holidays.


How soon can I make courses available to my employees?

We will work with you to make courses available as soon as you need them.  Please contact us at 877.577.3976 or


Do I need to sign a long-term contract?

The only minimum requirement is the first year; however, you can choose a longer term at a discounted rate.


Are courses available in any other languages?

We currently have many of our courses available in Spanish and French and will continue to develop and deliver our courses in other languages. Please check with your sales representative or give us a call to find out what other languages are currently available.


Do employees receive a certificate upon completion? 

Yes, employees are always able to access, download, and print their certificates at any time.  The certificate includes the title of the course, the employee’s name, and the date of course completion.  In addition, employees have the ability to access and export their entire transcript.


Is course customization possible?

Yes, we would be happy to share the many options available to customize your training, including (but not limited to): creating custom content, adding your existing content, providing a branded portal, providing the ability to manage your classroom training, and providing ad-hoc reporting.  Please contact us at 877.577.3976 or email